When the movie releases, are you prepared to be a hero to thousands of kids? What will it mean to you? (x)

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Let me explain why this is really important:  Because it takes a lesson every other show teaches you and corrects it.

Most shows will say “Be yourself!  Then girls will love you for you and you will have so many girlfriends!  So many!”

It’s another disappointing message to young boys that teaches them they are entitled to women.  That “hey just be you and you get girls, neat!”

Tino’s mom takes the time to say “No, be yourself because yourself is who you should be.  It won’t necessarily get you girls, some of them still won’t be interested but the most important thing is you like yourself.”

That’s a great message and if he follows through with it, it is likely to make him far more interesting as a romantic partner.

I don’t even know what this is from, but this is something I’ve never actually seen articulated before, and it’s SO IMPORTANT.

If any potential Ariannes want to come and sit on the street you can email me at —Aimee Richardson (@Aimee_P_R)


- Bolin can land a shot!
- I can?

typesetjez asked: "Would you rather be a merman or a centaur? // What's your ideal sandwich? // What is your favorite novel? // Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? // If you knew you could survive it, which planet would you most like to visit? // What's your favorite Cards Against Humanity Card? -- There's some random asks for you. (Also, I'll feel like I'll know you better by the time we meet in a few short weeks.)"


"Would you rather be a merman or a centaur?"

A centaur. I’m not what you’d call a “strong swimmer” and, if I was a centaur, I’d still get to be on dry land. Also, I can still use the internet.

"What’s your ideal sandwich?"

I’m super simple, sandwich-wise. A toasted honey-cured ham and swiss on white, with a little bit of oregano.

"What is your favorite novel?"

My standard answer to this question is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It’s been a while since I reread it, but I’m pretty sure it’s still true.

"Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal?"

No, but I do sleep with more pillows than is strictly necessary. And a cat that likes to pretend he’s a stuffed animal.

If you knew you could survive it, which planet would you most like to visit?

It’s not a planet, exactly, but I’d like to go to Europa and see if there’s life there. Plus, the view of Jupiter is probably absurdly beautiful. If it has to be a planet, maybe that planet made of diamond.

"What’s your favorite Cards Against Humanity Card?"

"Bees?" reminds me of Arrested Development, so let’s go with that one.

I’m gonna reciprocate just in case you also want to know more about me before we meet. But also because I don’t want to go to bed yet.

I would rather be a centaur because, as my mother is so fond of reminding me lately, I hate beaches and the ocean (and sometimes lakes). Also, I’m allergic to shellfish, so I feel like that could be a problem.

I’m also very easy sandwich-wise. Normally, I would say turkey on ciabatta with american cheese, tomato, and enough lettuce to constitute a salad. But I’m also still thinking about those amazing sandwiches from the bridal shower, so idk.

I love asking people what their favorite novel is (because librarian) but I actually hate answering it. I change it every single time. Today I think I’ll go with Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll because I’ve read it so many times and it’s more or less the book that got me into reading.

I sleep with a red panda named Artie (because his eyebrows are out of control).

I would definitely go to Neptune because it rains diamonds and that sounds so absolutely metal and Hepburn at the same time. [Update: I just found out this happens on Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus as well. And it snows heavy metal on Venus. Space is awesome.]

My favorite card is “Ryan Gosling riding on a white horse.” I will pick this every single time, no matter the context.







Going to build a small model city out of tongue depressors and then not acknowledge it when the doctor walks in.

Only got so far in construction before I was overcome with the desire to destroy it Godzilla-style.

Wonder if nurses can hear my screeching dinosaur noises.

mintypineapple is a very lucky man.

Guess when the doctor came in?

Just as you were screeching and stomping on Tongue Depressor City?

Eating tiny cotton swab people and everything.